Basic Food StorageHaving a food storage supply is essential for maintaining energy and health in an emergency situation.  There is no perfect food or complete nutrition pill; nutrition comes from a variety of foods.

This list is the basic food requirements for an average adult for one year.  Bold items are the total for the whole category, non-bold are possible suggestions.  Tailor your list based on these recommendations.  Consider your needs, wants, abilities, resources and budget.

“Eat what you store, and store what you eat.”

Suggested Amounts of Basic Food Storage (One Adult/One Year)
Item Per Year 3 Months Shelf Life in Years
Grains 400 lbs 100 lbs
Wheat 175 lbs 30 +
Flour 20 lbs 20
Cornmeal 30 lbs 20
Rolled Oats 50 lbs 30
White Rice 80 lbs 30 +
Pearled Barley 5 lbs 30 +
Pasta 40 lbs 20
Legumes 60 lbs 15 lbs
Dry Beans 45 lbs 30
Dry Lima Beans 2 lbs 30
Dry Soy Beans 2 lbs 30
Dry Split Peas 2 lbs 30
Dry Lentils 2 lbs 30
Dry Soup Mix 7 lbs 1 to 2
Fats & Oils 10 quarts 2.5 quarts
Cooking Oil 5 quarts 1 to 2
Shortening 2 quarts 5
Mayonnaise 1 quart 1 to 2
Salad Dressing 1 quart 1 to 2
Peanut Butter 1 quart 1 to 2
Milk Group 16 lbs 4 lbs
Non-Fat Dry Milk 14 lbs 20
Evaporated Milk 12 12-oz cans 1 to 2
Sugars 60 lbs 15 lbs
Granulated Sugar 40 lbs 30 +
Brown Sugar 3 lbs 1 to 2
Molasses 1 lbs 1 to 2
Honey 3 lbs 30
Corn Syrup 3 lbs 1 to 2
Jams & Jellies 5 lbs 1 to 2
Powdered Fruit Drink 6 lbs 30
Flavored Gelatin 1 lbs 5
Salt 8 lbs 2 lbs 30 +
Dry Yeast 1/2 lbs 2 oz 1 to 2
Baking Soda 1 lbs 1/4 lbs 30 +
Baking Powder 1 lbs 1/4 lbs 1 to 2

Include dried or canned fruits and vegetables to add vitamins and nutrients.


Preparedness Principles, Barbara Salsbury, pg.86  “New Findings for Longer-Term Food Storage”

  1. SeroiuslyConcerned says:

    Other than beans, bread, and rice, what in the world are you going to make with this hodge podge list of ingredients? Molasses? For what? I’m 54 and have NEVER in my life even tasted molasses.

    • This list is the very BASICS of nutrition. One adult can survive on the nutrients provided in this list for one full year. It is suggested that other items be added to this storage list to add variety and further nutrition as budget, time, and storage space allow (ie. seasonings and spices, powdered dairy products, powdered eggs, dehydrated fruits and vegetables, etc.). The bold items of each category are the totals needed for each group (ie. Sugars 60 lbs.). The non-bold type items are some possible suggestions to fulfill the required amounts of the category (ie. Granulated Sugar 40 lbs., Brown Sugar 3 lbs., Molasses 1 lb., etc.). As with any list, it is vital to tailor it and personalize it according to your own needs, tastes, and abilities. Someone without a wheat grinder may need to change the suggested amount of whole grains to meet their own needs if they don’t know how to prepare whole grain for consumption. As for molasses, many basic recipes call for this ingredient. You may be surprised what things you have eaten that contain molasses (ie. wheat bread). Research some recipes and if you decide you still don’t need molasses, then by all means do not add it to your storage. It will go to waste and take up your valuable storage space. Thanks for the reply. I hope my suggestions help.
      -Survival Solutions

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