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Prefessional Emergency Responders

In a large emergency, professional emergency responders will not be able to help everyone.


 What is an emergency?  Any disruption of normal activities.  These can be naturally occurring emergencies like hurricanes, tsunamis, and earthquakes.  They can be accidental, manmade emergencies like dam breaks, power failures, chemical spills and car accidents or intentional like terrorism.         

Large emergencies can affect nations and states while smaller emergencies affect cities, neighborhoods, families and individuals.  Even a loss of a job can be an emergency.  No matter the size of the incident, it is still an emergency to those affected.         

Depending on the LOCATION, SIZE, and SEVERITY of the incident; professional emergency responders may not be able to give you any assistance – NO MATTER HOW CRITICAL YOUR SITUATION MAY BE.  In large-scale disasters, emergency responders’ first priorities are in areas like schools, businesses, government buildings and areas with large numbers of people.  Individual residencies may be left on their own for days or even weeks.         

So what do we do?        

The answer is Emergency SELF RELIANCE.  We must be prepared to care for ourselves, our families, our property and neighbors for a MINIMUM of 3 days or longer without any professional or outside help.  No matter what the emergency is, no matter where you live, no matter who you are, no matter what resources you have; there are things you can do to help you and your family’s survival and recovery.     

Before, During & After an Emergency  

  •  Before
    1. Learn & Plan
    2. Prepare
    3. Practice
  • During
    1. Remain Calm
    2. Gather Information
    3. Think
    4. Act
    5. Help
  • After
    1. Help
    2. Talk About It
    3. Resume Normal Life

10 Areas of Survival Needs    

  • Food
  • Water
  • Sanitation
  • Shelter/Heat
  • Cooking
  • Light
  • Communication
  • First Aid
  • Personal Items, Clothing
  • Important Papers, Money


 Survival Solutions  

I just started this blog to get out the information I have learned in my own research, studies, learning and experience in the emergency preparedness field.  Please feel free to refer us to your friends and neighbors.  The more people are prepared, the less people will be a burden on those who are.  Will you be part of the solution or the problem?